Blue Black Plaid Schoolgirl Skirt Plus Size

Sexy schoolgirl style pleated plaid mini skirt in Blue and Black tartan plaid in PLUS SIZE! *Sizing information: Size 1 waistband is 37" around, Size 2 waistband is 39" around, Size 3 waistband is 42" around and Size 4 waistband is 45" around. Most women wear these skirts below their waist and on the hips, so this is the best place to measure, but feel free to wear the skirt where ever it is comfortable. The important part is to get an accurate measurement of where you want the skirt to sit on your body. These plus size skirts are between 13-14" from the top to the bottom of the skirt. There is a 4" velcro strip closure on the top side of the waistband so the skirt is adjustable. Please refer to our sizing chart before ordering.